NOTE: The SeptemberJanuary Challenge for 2020 is now closed.

I couldn’t stop smiling in South Beach, Miami. It was 10PM and I was running down the boardwalk for a few miles because the hotel gym was closed.  

I couldn’t see the water but there was a light breeze rolling over the pathway as I made my way back to the hotel.  

I was smiling because sometimes I am overwhelmed by something I learned a few years ago:  

You get to change.  

Having been stuck for so long at so many jobs, I still pinch myself at what I get to do now.  

But it’s true, you get to change.  

You get to find a new job.  

You get to lose weight.  

You get to write a book.  

You get to start a company.  

You get to do those things you’ve always wondered about in the quiet parts of your day.  

Is it easy? Of course not. The best things never are.  

But, you’ve got permission and more than that, you have an amazing window right now.  

The calendar is conspiring to help you in the next few days.  

When I worked in retail, I learned that September is considered the second new year. The momentum of kids returning to school creates a fantastic opportunity for adults to change their lives, too. September crackles with possibility in the same way that January does but most of us miss it.  

That’s why for the third year in a row, I’m launching a free challenge called, “SeptemberJanuary.”  

The concept is simple. For the next 30 days, we’re going to work on something we care about. How? I’m going to send you a handful of ideas throughout the month.  

You, me and thousands of people from around the world will treat September like what it really is, the second January. We won’t wait for the real one to come around, forgetting that at this very moment, you have 25% of your year left.  

The thing you wanted to do this year but gave up? Dust it off and get back to it. 

The thing you’ve always wanted to do? Try that for 30 days.  

The challenge is free, it’s going to be fun and the sign up ends wicked soon.  

If you’ve got something you want to change and you’re ready to be brave for a few days, I dare you to join me. 


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